Gracious Spirit Ministries

Reverend Dr. Marianne Esther Zinn leads Gracious Spirit Ministries and is ordained  in Ontario as a minister by The Canadian International Metaphysical Ministries.  Rev. Marianne is also an ordained priest  in Spiritis Church, registered in every state in the USA  . 

Through Marianne, a variety of parish services are available:  weddings, vow renewals, baptisms, naming ceremonies, funerals, church services, sacrament of Eucharist/Holy Communion, counselling, Christ Blessings, and meditation classes.

Marianne's metaphysical ministry also includes The EMF Balancing Technique®, Lattice Yoga, Lattice Tai Ji, The Waves and Reflections, Reiki, and neurofeedback with NeurOptimal®.

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