The Waves



Enjoy a session of The Waves, an elegant and empowering form of communicating in the third language.

The Waves are a unique fusion of Light and Sound consisting of energetic postures, movement, and tones.  For this exciting and innovative body of work, the movements and postures were developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, and  the tones were developed specifically by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys.  Each wave has its own energetic pattern.  As you experience the movements, your will also experience the complete wave of energy as your body moves spontaneously according to your inner wisdom. 

Marianne trained in The Waves work directly from Peggy Phoenix Dubro during it's global introduction in Italy in 2013. 

In your session you will...

  • Experience a unique series of wave signals that are transmitted to the crystalline structure of your body, corresponding to the crystalline grid of the earth - Gaia
  • Open to higher dimensions and new frequencies of existence
  • Transform challenges into opportunities through the innate wisdom of your heart intelligence
  • Activate dormant talents and abilities encoded within your personal DNA and Akash
  • Amplify clarity and focus as you live your life of choice and purpose in the new energy of these transformational time, here and NOW!
  • Accelerate your creativity
  • Share the deeper healing energies of Love, Harmony, Joy and Compassion
  • Experience your Star Seed activations

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